Get Reef Smart in Barbados

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Check out this news clip on Montreal TV about Reef Smart, partners with Miller Publishing in Barbados

Barbados boasts some of the world's most fascinating undersea-scapes. In this Montreal TV interview with Ian Popple of Reef Smart, partners with Miller Publishing in the about to be released Reef Smart Barbados Dive Guide Book and underwater Dive Cards, Ian Popple makes some good plugs for Barbados. He speaks about leaving his career in PR to return to his passion - Marine Biology and shares a sort of USP of his new venture. "Guides exist around the world for everything you've got above the water...when you go to visit a city you can pick up a map or a guide to find your way around, but nothing exists for under the water." He describes Reef Smart's three-dimensional
modeling of wrecks and reefs and how his team is using these guides to create awareness about reef preservation. He wants people to "put their pina coladas down" for a bit, get out and explore our underwater world. Barbados is a fantastic place to start!

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