Entry Requirements

A valid passport is required by all visitors to Barbados. Nationals of CARICOM member states, the United Kingdom, the United States, Canada and some Commonwealth countries may travel directly to Barbados on a valid passport and without a visa for a period not exceeding three (3) months. All visitors are required to have onward or return tickets. For more information on obtaining the type of visa that applies to your trip to Barbados, please follow the links below. The Visitor Visas page includes a full list of the countries whose citizens are required to have a visa in order to gain entry to Barbados.

Visitor Visas

Cruise Ship Passengers

Student Visas

The issuing of any type of visa for entry to Barbados by non-nationals is handled by the local Immigration department. However, visitors visas my also be issued by some overseas Barbados consulates and missions. You may contact the Immigration Department in Barbados at the following address, by visiting their website or at imm-dept@caribsurf.com.

Careenage House, Wharf Road, Bridgetown T: +1 (246) 426 1011 F: +1 (246) 426 0819