Safety & Security

You'll be glad to know that Barbados does not have a particularly high crime rate, or any dangerous wildlife to look out for, so safety and security here is about using your common sense. You should take the same care you would in any other part of the world. In such a paradaisical place it's easy to let your guard completely down, but while we want you to relax and enjoy your stay, we thought we'd bring a few tips and precautions to your attention.

General Safety

Insect Bites


Going to the beach is a huge part of any visit to Barbados. See our Beach Safety page for tips on protecting yourself and your belongings as you enjoy your day out in the sun.

Please also note Barbados' emergency telephone numbers (local dial) should you ever need them, God forbid! 

Police 211
Fire 311
Ambulance (Queen Elizabeth Hospital) 511
Coast Guard 427 8819

As suggested these numbers should only be used in an emergency!