Insect Bites

Thankfully, there's not much to mention in this section. Unlike other destinations there are no poisonous insects and certainly few bothersome ones in Barbados. But since we had some space to fill here is the unabridged list.

Centipedes are often found more in countryside and heavily wooded areas of the island. A centipede sting is not in any way poisonous or lethal, but you may wish to see a doctor especially if the person stung is a child. If you have antihistamine cream or tablets readily available, using them promptly can prevent a bad reaction.

Mosquito and Sandfly Bites
Not a large problem here but people with sensitive skin may be bothered. There are many creams and sprays available to prevent and relieve itching, and promote healing. In some villas and guest houses mosquito nets are available for beds and cribs.