General Safety

Coconut Palms
Always check that coconut trees do not have loose or drooping branches or brown coconuts before sitting underneath, and avoid leaving a baby or small child there also. It is possible for a coconut or dead branch to fall at any moment though most hotels do regularly remove these. 
Driving to visitors can sometimes be a harrowing experience on our narrow roads. Just as a reminder, we drive on the lefthand side of the road and a gentle honk of the horn or flash of the lights means 'after you'. Please note if you hear the siren or see the flashing lights of an approaching emergency vehicle, you should slow down and pull off to the left immediately to allow it to pass.
Food and Eating Out
The fact is . . . Bajans love to eat, and who can blame us, with the tasty delicacies available island wide. Go ahead pull up a plate and sample the local offerings, but for the sake of our conscience (and your stomach) choose to eat at recognized restaurants, or at least at establishments where a food service certificate is visibly posted. When eating street food use your discretion and that gut instinct. Usually a good indicator of palatable food is a long line snaked around the corner from that vendor's booth, but don't be afraid to follow your nose. I mean you only live once, right? Ok, maybe that's a bad joke.

Health and Medical
Barbados is serviced by a number of modern medical facilities, some 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, as well as numerous well-qualified private doctors. Our main hospital is the Queen Elizabeth in Bridgetown. Should you require medical assistance at any time, if staying at a hotel contact your front desk receptionist immediately. If staying elsewhere on the island our Medical page should be of great assistance. In the case of an emergency please see the numbers listed above.

The water service in Barbados is reliable and regulated by the Barbados Water Authority. Our water is safe to drink, not to mention quite refreshing. You should drink plenty of it to remain hydrated. Feel free to refill your bottles at any water fountain, tap or the nearest standpipe. Bottled water is available from the largest supermarket to the smallest corner shop.