Barbados: the popular playground of famous stars


Many celebs have even traced their roots back to Barbados such as Gwyneth Paltrow.

It's no secret that in recent years Barbados seems to be the getaway destination of choice for celebrity guests, attracting some of the most influential and affluent individuals from all across the globe. Photos just keep popping up in the press - from football and NBA stars enjoying a day at the beach, famous Billboard singers shopping in luxury stores, to Hollywood couples sneaking away to a sumptuous private villa on the Platinum coast for a pampered, romantic retreat in paradise. Many revisit the island, especially to escape Winter. So celeb-spotting is definitely an activity.

Barbados usually is a lot like Switzerland when it comes to how locals interact with high-profile individuals- leaving them in peace...well most of the time. Of course the occassional cell snap taken with them and autograph may be requested by die-hard Bajan fans and tourists and sometimes the alerted press may make their arrival front-page news. But for the most part, we honour their privacy diplomatically.

Let's take a look at who has graced our charismatic and glamourous island over the years...

Photo credit: Sandy Lane Hotel

Barbados is a sophisticated escape for the rich and famous to unplug, recharge and get some R & R...

A bit of trivia you may not know is that 19 year old George Washington stayed here in Barbados for 50 days, the only place outside of America he visited. Now that's something! Some other political and Royal figures who spent time here are:

  • Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh
  • Prince Edward, Earl of Wessex and Countess Sophie
  • Prince Harry
  • Princess Margaret
  • Sir Winston Churchill
  • US President Bill Clinton
  • Former Prime Minister of England Tony Blair
  • Jackie Kennedy

Photo: A scene from the movie, George Washington in Barbados, shown at George Washington House.

"Fit for a King and Queen"- from President George Washington to Her Majesty The Queen

Here are some famous DJs, singers, bands and musicians who flew in to perform at annual CHUM-FM concerts, Holders Opera Season, Reggae festival or our popular local Jazz festival which used to be held, or visited to simply unwind or attend a private party.

  • George Harrison of the Beatles
  • Sir Cliff Richard
  • Sir Elton John
  • Mariah Carey
  • Katie Perry
  • Skream
  • Carl Cox
  • Shaggy
  • Nelly Furtado
  • Kelly Clarkson
  • Alicia Keys
  • Jennifer Hudson
  • Danni Minogue
  • Demi Lovato
  • Maroon 5
  • Cover Drive (Barbadian)
  • Simple Plan
  • Girls Aloud
  • Ne-Yo
  • Rihanna (Barbadian)
  • Livvi- Franc (Barbadian)
  • Shontelle (Barbadian)
  • Jaicko (Barbadian)
  • Vita Chambers (Barbadian)
  • Gloria Estefan
  • Bon Jovi
  • Bryan Adams
  • Robert Plant
  • Robin Thicke
  • Wyclef Jean
  • Macy Gray
  • Patti LaBelle
  • Lionel Richie
  • Luciano Pavarotti
  • John Legend
  • Michael Buble
  • Bare Naked Ladies
  • New Kids on the Block
  • Take That
  • Irish singer Andrea Corr
  • Suzie McNeil
  • Jann Arden
  • Cobra Starships's Gabe Saporta
  • reggae artist Luciano
  • reggae artist Buju Banton
  • Rupee (Barbadian)
  • reggae artist Busy Signal
  • reggae artist Taurrus Riley
  • reggae artist Biggie Irie
  • reggae artist Bounty Kller
  • reggae artist Elephant Man

Photo credit: Suneeta Simmons "New Kids on the Block performing at Holder's House"

"Oh island in the sun" - From Patti LaBelle to Pavarotti

This unique island has attracted Hollywood actors and actresses, famous comedians, film directors, British TV personalities and renowned TV show hosts. Some have built opulent holiday homes and frequently visit. Many celebs have even traced their roots back to Barbados such as Gwyneth Paltrow, Cuba Gooding Jr., LL Cool J, Stacey Dash and Meagan Good. Minnie Driver was actually raised in Barbados.

There's a pretty good chance you may run into Rachel Bilson and Hayden Christensen on one of their regular getaways here. They were spotted recently this year zipping around in a mini-moke and shopping on the West Coast.

Do you recognize any of these names who have dined in our restaurants in St. James and tanned on our white sand beaches?

  • Clive Owen
  • Kevin Bacon
  • Penelope Cruz
  • Simon Cowell
  • Michael Caine
  • Michael Winner
  • John Cleese
  • Emma Forbes
  • Jimmy Carr
  • Cilla Black
  • Vivica Fox
  • Queen Latifah
  • Oprah
  • Jerry Seinfield
  • Nick Cannon
  • Coronation Street actor Mikey North

Photo credit: "Rachel Bilson on holiday in Barbados"

"Lights, camera, action!" - From Oprah to Jerry Seinfield

Barbados has long been renowned as a healthy destination with its invorgorating and refreshing sea breezes, peaceful coastal getaways and some of the world’s finest and most luxurious Spa facilities. So its no wonder that supermodels come here to get their "beauty rest". Here are a few stunning examples:

  • Claudia Schiffer
  • Elle Macpherson
  • Jodie Kidd
  • Cindy Crawford
  • Tyson Beckford
  • Georgie Badiel (Barbadian)
  • Lene Hall (Barbadian)
  • Model, Kate Upton
  • Model, Kimberley Garner

Photo credit: "Tyson Beckford on the beach"

"And I do my little turn on the catwalk"- From Cindy Crawford to Tyson Beckford

Sports enthusiasts will love to know that several exciting sporting events have included international rally car drivers, Top 10 World ranked tennis players, and all cricket teams. Barbados has attracted Premier League footballers, American footballers, NBA players and Olympic swimmers like a magnet for a healthy holiday.

  • Venus Williams
  • Serena Wiliams
  • Caroline Wozniacki
  • Gael Monfils
  • Victoria Azarenka
  • John Isner
  • Allen Iverson
  • Dominque Wilkins
  • Joel Anthony
  • Hakeem "The Dream" Olajawon
  • Chris Webber
  • Jamie Redknapp
  • Andriy Shevchenko
  • Johnny Evans
  • Wanyne Rooney
  • Eugene Melnyk
  • Alia Atkinson
  • Juan Martin Del Potro
  • Ramon Harewood

Photo credit: 'Tennis pon de rock' "Serena Williams and Caroline Wozniacki"

"Shoot for the moon.Even if you miss,you