East Coast Beaches

East Coast
Biggest waves of all the coasts, dangerous undercurrents, but some swell surfing and wonderful picnic spots!!
In the parish of St. John, not far from historic Codrington College is Bath Beach. Swimming here is relatively safe because it is protected by a large offshore reef, though it is on the Atlantic coast. It is a popular picnic spot especially on weekends and bank holidays with many shady areas, a snack bar, changing facilities, parking and a small playground.
Martin's Bay
A small, friendly, fishing village where the road follows a 19th century train track. This is a wonderful place to explore the reef at low tide (be sure to wear reef shoes or sneakers). There are quite a few rock pools ideal for a refreshing soak. If you've hired a car and are looking for lunch, ask the locals in the area for the 'fish place', where lunches of fresh fried or grilled fish and sides are sold. The portions are large and the food is rustic and to-die-for. There are even a few tables up for grabs but these go quickly. You may need to take your food away and picnic on the beach.
Tent Bay
Tent Bay and Bathsheba make up miles of untouched, windswept coastline along the island's most rugged and stunningly beautiful stretch of coast. This is the Atlantic in full glory with brisk breezes, pounding surf and salt in the air. Be sure to ask advice about where it is safe to venture into the water, as there are no lifeguards in this area. It looks inviting but there can be strong and unpredictable undercurrents; as Bajans often say "The sea ain't got no back door!" The Atlantis Hotel in Bathsheba overlooks Tent Bay and serves authentic local lunches and punches.
Bathsheba has a nice picnic spot with shade, tables and public facilities. It is best to just take a dip at low tide in the rock pools. A rum shop across from the park area serves drinks and local snacks. Vendors also sell souvenirs, sarongs and beaded jewellery by the beach.
Soup Bowl
At the northern end of Bathsheba roll two of the island's best surfing areas, the 'Soup Bowl' and adjoining 'Parlour'. The world renowned Soup Bowl is host to many national and international events throughout the year. See our Events page or visit the Barbados Surfing Association's website.
Cattlewash is a section of several miles of coastline running from Joe's River in St. Joseph to St. Lucy's Cove Bay. Swimming here is particularly dangerous because there are undercurrents and undersea rock shelves. A few pools at low tide are great for exploring and sitting in and relaxing. The Cove Restaurant serves delish Barbadian meals with buffets on Thursdays and Sundays.
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