East Coast

The East Coast of Barbados is distinctly different from the rest of island - undeveloped and sparsely populated, there are a few small hotels and properties around to stay in and rustic beach houses to rent. Imagine panoramic, dramatic and rugged coastal scenery, powerful Atlantic waves rolling into miles of windswept beaches, colourful villages of wooden chattel houses dotting lush hillsides, and banana and coconut trees lining the roadside - so have your cameras ready to spot one of our mischievous green monkeys!

If you are planning a day out, you might consider stopping off for a delicious lunch at one of the following restaurants which offer Barbadian and Caribbean cuisine: Round House which overlooks Bathsheba or Atlantis Hotel in the picturesque fishing cove of Tent Bay for a fine dining experience. Sand Dunes in Belleplaine opposite the cricket pitch offers unbeatable value in tasty local dishes. There are also numerous spots to stop-off for a picnic or a beach stroll. Barclay's Park on the East Coast Road offers ample shaded picnic bench spots, with views of the open sea and public facilities.

Bath is a tranquil and spacious seaside park popular with locals, especially on weekends and public holidays, with lots of trees for shade and new public facilities. Swimming here is quite safe because of the large off-shore reef which makes it shallow and nice for wading.

Cattlewash is the epitome of the Atlantic in its full glory, offering brisk ocean breezes and miles of stunningly beautiful beaches with a rugged and untouched coastline perfect for long strolls.

"Parlour" and the world renowned surf spot known as "Soup Bowl", located in Bathsheba, play host to many national and international events throughout the year - see Events for details. Surfing celeb sightings are likely here and for those who are fans of the world champion, Kelly Slater, he has stated Soup Bowl as one of his favourite spots, having some of the best surfing in the Caribbean.

Generally swimming along this stunning Atlantic coastline is very dangerous and not recommended, as Bajans often say "the sea ain't got no back door", due to the very strong and unpredictable undercurrents and undersea rock shelves. Be sure to stop and ask the locals where the safe swimming areas are located. At Cattlewash and Bathsheba, there are a few rock pools at low tide that are great for a quick dip or "sopsing" - sitting in and relaxing.

There are a number of sights and attractions on the East Coast that are well worth a visit and some unexplored places. At most easterly point of the island, Ragged Point, you will find the East Point Lighthouse where on a clear day the magnificent view extends along the entire East Coast as far as Pico Tenerife in the North. If you are feeling adventurous, you can explore Culpepper Island, a tiny island 100 yards from mainland, at low tide.

The six acre Andromeda Botanic Gardens is a horticulturist's dream and offers light refreshments in its cafe surrounded by gardens of lavishly coloured palms, orchids, exotics and shrubs.