What to Take

Whether you're an ahead-of-the-game pack master, or a last minute 'shove it in the suitcase and pray you have everything' type of person, packing for a holiday in Barbados always whips up a sense of excitement! It can be difficult when visiting an island for the first time, to figure out what will be useful, and what will just be extra weight. Here are a few tips to get you started with what to take and what NOT to take when preparing to visit Barbados.

What to Take - Dress Code

Comfortable, lightweight clothing - Natural fabrics like cottons and linens are popular and often recommended, but wrinkle easier, so bear this in mind. Shorts, tees, sleeveless tops and summer dresses are great for daytime. For dining, dress is generally elegantly casual. For men, jacket and tie are not required in restaurants. Long slacks, tailored long or short-sleeve shirts are appropriate and more informal eateries may even accept jeans or tailored shorts. For ladies, short or long summer dresses, or long pants paired with a nice top are fine. A handful of fine dining restaurants may require a bit smarter dress code but feel free to ask when making the booking.

Shoes that are easy on your feet - Flip flops and dressy sandals are a must, but a nice pair of enclosed shoes may be useful for outings . Flat sandals are great for beach parties and barbecues and for getting that sand from between your toes. It may also be useful to pack a pair of sneakers if you expect to use your hotel/villa's fitness room or take part in physical activities while in Barbados. 

What (else) to Take 
Your bikini top - Topless or nude bathing is not allowed in Barbados
A beach coverup - Especially over your swimsuit when not on the beach. If you have to go into Bridgetown, the supermarket, bank or any other public building, cover up suitably. What is necessary may vary from place to place but use wisdom. If in doubt do as the locals do and err on the side of caution. Keep swimwear for the beach, pool or beach bars.
A hat and/or sunglasses and sunscreen with a high SPF - You will not regret having and dutifully applying your sunscreen while in Barbados. Even in the shade UV rays can do some damage to the unaware. 
A pashmina, shawl or cardigan - It can get a bit cooler at night, especially at some times of the year, in the eastern and northern parts of the island, after rain, and in elevated and breezy areas. We fully understand that travelers coming from areas where it snows may probably scoff at this advice. 
Your camera, and its accessories
Your PADI certification card - if you're a certified scuba diver.

What NOT To Take

Jacket and tie - unless attending a formal wedding or other occasion on the island.

Camouflage gear - Wearing camouflage clothing, of any sort is an offense even for children. Like it or not, there are no exceptions to this rule, just don't bring it.'

Towels - unless you think the place you're staying will have none, or you happen to be a bit particular.

One final note - Take care to pack your luggage yourself, be aware of its contents and keep it in your eyesight at all times when travelling. Also avoid carrying or transferring packages for others, especially if you have not seen what is enclosed. Read more tips on safety & security in Barbados.