Taxis & Local Buses

Another option to get around or tour the island is by taxi...and in Barbados taxis are everywhere! If you are walking along the road or laden down with shopping bags in Bridgetown you will usually hear a friendly "Taxi?" from drivers eager to take you where you need to go.

Taxis in Barbados are not metered, there are set fares between certain points. It is best to agree on a price with the driver before setting off.


There is a very good, inexpensive public transport system covering virtually the entire island - BB$2 to or from anywhere on a single bus. In many cases a bus stop may be just outside the gates of your hotel, but if not your front desk agent will be able to direct you to the nearest one. When you are waiting at the bus stop, be sure to signal the approaching bus driver so that the bus stops for your request. Click here to see all bus schedules and search by parish or attraction for your route of choice.

There are also two other public transport options you may see and consider. Known locally as ZRs (pronounced Zed-Arrrs) because they carry a ZR on their license plates, these white vans with a maroon bar along the sides will volley for your patronage against the yellow and blue mini-buses (smaller cousins of the large Transport Board buses mentioned above) recognizable by the B on their plates. These both charge the same fare as regular buses but are privately owned and their routes are different from bus routes.

Minibuses and ZRs can be quite reliable - in some cases they can get you around quicker because they don't operate on an hourly system; there are numerous of these on each route (ask what route you're on at the front desk or once you board the bus, the driver and conductor will be glad to help), and they tend to run fairly late at night. Be aware however that some drivers, especially of the ZRs can show less caution on the road, play music way too loudly, and go off-route or pack people in to make more money.  This may be part of the cultural adventure for some travelers but if at any point you feel uncomfortable we recommend you get off and wait for another that looks more 'tame'. You may forfeit a buck but you will certainly keep your peace of mind.

For all these transfers make sure you have cash on hand. The mini-buses and ZRs will take US dollars and pound sterling at the street rate. They may ask for the fare but if not just remember to pay on exiting the van. it is best to have exact local change for the Transport Board buses.