Salads and Soups

Besides the regular tossed/caesar salad, potato or breadfruit salad and coleslaw, some other tasty salads and greens may make it to the menu at Bajan gatherings. Cucumber, tomato or avocado or a combination of these are dressed with lime juice, salt, onion and a little hot pepper - 'pickled' is what we call it. Christophene, a sugarless member of the melon family, is an unusual and popular vegetable often served with cheese sauce, as is broccoli. Asparagus is eaten sauteed with a little butter and lime juice. Okra, famous for its role in southern American gumbo, is served sprinkled with a little fresh lime juice. These fresh greens are often combined with seafood or fresh fruits, onions or sweet pepper for a little extra kick.

Soups in Barbados are also very delicious. Bajan cooks make excellent stocks, once again underpinned by the clever use of herbs and pepper along with salted meats and bones. At the mere mention of soup many Bajans, especially men, begin to extol the virtues of their soup which usually contains everything they can find, pumpkin soup, split pea soup and fish soup with okras are three favorites but you can be assured that any Bajan soup tastes good.