North Coast

The North of Barbados is in some ways the most dramatically beautiful coast of the island, and certainly the least developed. Atlantic surf pounds relentlessly away at steep coral limestone cliffs resulting in extraordinary formations. Quiet, isolated private bays, picturesque coastal views meeting a relatively flat interior of sugar cane fields are just some of the treats in store for a visitor.

The Animal Flower Cave, located on the rugged and ragged cliff tops of the northernmost point of the island, is an expansive sea cave which was aptly named after the sea anemones which can be spotted sometimes in the clear cool pools of water. Here guides will walk you through several huge chambers filled with interesting and beautiful rock formations and you are free to dip in and explore the natural pools. Above the cave, sitting on the most northern part of the island, is a restaurant where you can enjoy a delicious lunch in a casual setting with a panoramic view of the ocean horizon. The cave is sometimes closed due to inclement weather, as there are several large openings to rough seas. So be sure to check our weather page if you are planning a northern excursion.

Rounding the northern tip of the island, you will find many remote coastal areas to visit: River Bay, Little Bay and Cove Bay. The scenery is quite unusual and dramatic, so remember to bring your cameras. Some of these, popular with Barbadians for group picnic lunches, but otherwise completely deserted, are only accessible by tracks. Swimming is quite safe at River Bay, but due to strong currents it is extremely inadvisable to swim at Cove Bay.