Valittu Barbados Paikallisen asiantuntijan valitsemana, esittelemme oppaamme 'Taide Barbadosissa'.

Olemme johtava matkaopas, joka on erikoistunut Barbadosiin. Karibian helmi, joka tunnetaan upeiden hiekkarantojen lisäksi myös monipuolisesta taide- ja kulttuuritarjonnastaan. Barbadosin taideskenessä on vahva historia, ja saarelta löytyy lukuisia gallerioita, studiota ja antiikkiliikkeitä, jotka esittelevät paikallisten ja kansainvälisten taiteilijoiden teoksia. Maalaukset, veistokset ja käsityöt tarjoavat vierailijoille ainutlaatuisen matkan paikalliseen taiteeseen ja kulttuuriin. Barbadosin taidefestivaalit ja markkinat houkuttelevat vuosittain taide-entusiasteja ympäri maailmaa. Tule ja koe Barbadosin kauneus taiteen muodossa!

The Batik Studio

Henderson Reece is well-known among art lovers for his fresh, vibrant and cheery batik creations, and excels at capturing familiar local scenes and iconic elements in this globally-treasured medium. Mainly self-taught, Henderson’s work can be found in collections in Europe, America and the Caribbean. Inspired by his passion and craftsmanship, so many people asked Henderson about the possibili...

Gallery of Caribbean Art

The Gallery of Caribbean Art in historic Speightstown is one of the largest and best-appointed fine art galleries in the Caribbean.This impressive exhibition space features a large selection of Barbadian and Caribbean art, and the display is constantly updated so the Gallery always has a fresh, engaging face. Art on display is not limited to mounted paintings but includes a wide variety of medi...

Three Generations Art

It is certainly a family affair when it comes to the art in the Best of Barbados Gift Shops! The beautiful art and giftware designs by company founder, Jill Walker, are now complimented by those of her daughter, Sue Trew…and Sue’s daughter Holly. It makes their shops unique! To celebrate their Three Generations of Art, this gifted family exhibited together for the first time at the Gallery of ...

Janice Sylvia Brock - Artist

A master of colour and form, Janice Sylvia Brock has gained international acclaim. Her work has been likened to that of Matisse and Chagall, though the vibrant hues and the sense of movement are uniquely Brock. From the first touch of colour laid onto the virgin canvas her brush strokes are utterly confident, and this is evident in the result: works which resonate with life, sensuality, and occasi...

Catherine Forter Chee-A-Tow

Catherine's paintings are festive in the vibrancy of their colors, celebration of a certain Caribbean art de vivre, tropical voluptuousness and languor accentuated by the lively,  always graceful and majestic presence of foliage !   The bright, vivid oranges are a synthesis of colors around us, in the foliage, the flowers and fruits, the highlights of a cheek bone, the rim of a stra...

Frangipani Art Gallery

Marilda Weatherhead's Frangipani Art Gallery now has two locations - one on the west coast at Sugar Cane Club Hotel & Spa and the other one at the historic Savannah Hotel in Hastings, near to the Garrison Savannah. Both galleries feature a delightful selection of local and international artwork in many sizes and mediums. Be sure to check our calendar of events throughout the year for special exhi...

Barbados Arts Council

The Barbados Arts Council, established in 1957, is home to many of Barbados' most proficient and seasoned artists. The Council displays the artists' work at its Gallery at Pelican Craft Centre. On display are prints as well as original paintings in a variety of media. Opening Hours: Monday to Friday - 9:30am to 5pm Saturday - 9:30am to 1:30pm Summary Gallery Schedule for 2011: Ja...

No. 17 Art Gallery

#17 Art Gallery is Corrie Scott's studio/gallery showing her original photography and fine art pieces, prints, cards and limited edition lithographs. Also see for local art events....

Queen's Park Gallery

The Queen's Park Gallery is run by the National Cultural Foundation and exhibits the work of emerging artists and well-established stalwarts. Annually an 'Air Supermarket' showcases design work at prices affordable enough to attract new collectors.The Gallery is open until 6pm Monday to Saturday....

ArtSplash Centre

An art centre and gallery that offers children's art classes and camps in addition to adult art classes. They have an outdoor play park with a family-friendly restaurant and bar, perfect for weekends and birthday parties. ArtSplash Centre host the Hastings Farmers Market on Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday mornings with a broad selection of local produce, food, as well as a selection of ...

Vishni Gopwani

The work of Vishni Gopwani encompasses many dualities.  Born in India, Vishni has lived in Barbados since the age of 16.  Her artistic output, both documentary style photographic studies and sensitive hand-drawn portraiture, presents a unique  blend of Indian and Bajan Culture.  Though nurtured by Bajan Culture, Vishni remains strongly influenced by her vivid Indian up-bringing...

Winston Kellman

Barbadian born, British trained artist Winston Kellman has been painting the Barbadian landscape since 1992 when he returned from Europe. The focus for his upcoming solo exhibition is the Atlantic Ocean...Bathsheba in particular. This series of expressive drawings, watercolours and oil paintings explores this iconic Barbadian landmark, capturing the fascinating and timeless beauty of the locati...

The Tides Art Gallery

Located on the beautiful West coast of Barbados in the well renowned Tides Restaurant. Here you will find an extensive collection of colourful Caribbean artwork which has been sourced from talented Barbadian and Caribbean artists from across the region as well as the UK, South America, France, Canada and the USA. ...

Jean Blades

Jean Blades grew up in Atlantic Canada and developed a love of sea, sky and wilderness while accompanying her father on his lengthy fishing trips, often by canoe.   Barbados became her second home for over 30 years and she brought these past memories with her. These experiences in her life are often depicted in her colorful, often emotional paitings of real places here in Barbados.  She ...

Gina Foster

Her beautifully illustrated book, 'Sweet Bajan Days' is a wonderful depiction of life on our island and it can be found in most book shops. Gina's work can be found in a number of local galleries or by contacting her at (246) 233-0999....

The Carrington Collection

Ronnie Carrington is an avid observer of human endeavour and has created these photographs over a period of ten years, pursuing Barbadians in the activities of their daily lives: at work, play and at rest. 'Pathways...thoughts on the Journey' is Ronnie's new coffee table book that showcases images of our natural environment. Take a copy home to your friends and family, it makes for a beauitful ...

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