Food & Wine and Rum Festival 2016


Thu Nov 17th 2016 to Sun Nov 20th 2016
Barbados, Oistins, Christ Church

Event Details

This is an annual series of events designed to titillate the taste buds, while offering a variety of flavourful experiences to trigger the other senses as well. Experience a superior, worldly and upscale celebration of gastronomic art, featuring acclaimed international & local chefs, wine experts and mixologists. Join international chefs for four days of delightful food. You'll meet the chefs and perhaps even discover some of the secrets behind their amazing cuisine. Tasty deals and specials are available at all participating Barbados restaurants. There will be wine tastings and events with a spirits connoisseur, and if you're wondering where the rum fits in, until you choose a personal favourite rum shop, there will be festival rum and rum punch tastings as well. You can download a tried and true rum punch recipe on the festival website. For more information visit the website at:

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