Naniki Barbados Music Festival 2017

Thu Jan 12th 2017 to Sun Jan 15th 2017

Event Details

Naniki Music Festival is back in 2017!

The festival, now in its sixth year, welcomes a talented array of Caribbean as well as international musicians and entertainers who take the stage in a series of shows.

Tom Hinds, Executive Producer of the festival says: "You are in for a treat, this is definitely not one to be missed.”

The beauty of the free spirit is its ever changing nature.  Naniki is Amerindian for 'free spirit' and the Naniki Team has certainly exercised its freedom to change and evolve.  This is a Festival jam-packed with musical talent that is worth every penny. 

"We started off focusing on jazz but made the decision to include other genres in 2015", says Hinds.  Naniki has rebranded itself as the Naniki Music Festival and expanded its musical genres to include reggae and calypso artistes in the Festival package.

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