Chrissy and Vigilante Return for One Night!

Olympus Theatres

Fri Aug 19th 2016 at 19:00 until 22:00
Barbados, Sargeant

Event Details

Barbadian movie favourites Chrissy and Vigilante The Crossing return to the big screen for one night ONLY at Olympus Theatres on August 19, 2016. 1st film Chrissy shows at 7pm. Vigilante shows at 9pm.

Chrissy - 7pm
A very poor 10 year old girl, Chrissy Wright (Makalah Harrison) lives on the very rough side of town in very deplorable conditions, with her sick bedridden mother and her ttwo siblings. Chrissy becomes a target at her school, Redemption Primary, for bullying and discrimination from students, and most of the teachers. Yet, ambitious Chrissy is determined to push herself out of poverty, overcome the teasing from those arund her, and rise to the top. Chrissy is a moving inspirational and uplifiting drama about courage, faith, determination and the power of the human spirit to achieve the impossible.

Vigilante The Crossing - 9pm
Ex-con Dexter Gooding (played by Kirk Brown), is deported from the US and returns to Barbados to discover his homeland engulfed in crime. Armed with the guilt of his past crimes and a genuine passion to see his birthplace thrive, he takes on the role of vigilante. Employing a Robin Hood-style, he soon collides with Amy, a white Barbadian woman (played by Malissa Alanna), who deploys a polar opposite, Martin Luther King-like approach to helping the same community. As the boiling pot of racial prejudice, passion, love and hate erupts, their lives and shared mission reach a crucial crossroad.

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