Barbados Cruising Club Regatta 2016


Sun Jul 10th 2016
Barbados, Barbados Cruising Club, Bay Street, St. Michael

Event Details

In the past, nearly all sailboat racing took place at the Barbados Yacht Club. Over the past few years, however, after the expansion of the Barbados Cruising Club, there has been a renewed interest in racing both yachts and dinghies and members have started taking part in the national dinghy championships. The Barbados Cruising Club is now actively involved in sailboat races and are host to one of the island's biggest sailing events of the year, the Mount Gay Rum Round Barbados Race which takes place annually in January. As well as taking part in the Mount Gay/Banks May Regatta, the island's biggest sailing event in May, BCC members were key to establishing the Cruising Class B "bimini class". In addition, the Barbados Cruising Club hosts its own regatta, mentioned here, each July.

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